I met Ada at Clubhouse. She is a translator and a self-confessed theatre buff, and a reluctant community leader.
Mita and Naira met at their MFA (2019) from Central Saint Martins. The rest is history.
Vietnamese, Oslo-based architect and visual artist, one half of Exutoire.
Commissioned by Disability Arts Online
Impossible questions to answer in life 3/3
impossible questions to answer in life 2/3
Impossible questions to answer in life 1/3
A small entry on surviving COVID-19 so far
a status to set you free
exploring possibilities of teaching practice-based postgraduate Art and Design via emails
My radical proposal on the subject of experimentation is to employ “documentation” as a method of innovation in seeking philosophical truth of our world
Patches of snow slopped around the recovering field like deflated cloud fallen from the sky in a tantrum. It is very special that you are not special at…