Vietnamese, Oslo-based architect and visual artist, one half of Exutoire.
If you are lucky enough to have working legs and feet
Commissioned by Disability Arts Online
Mita and Naira met at their MFA (2019) from Central Saint Martins. The rest is history.
a status to set you free
Patches of snow slopped around the recovering field like deflated cloud fallen from the sky in a tantrum. It is very special that you are not special at…
A small entry on surviving COVID-19 so far
My radical proposal on the subject of experimentation is to employ “documentation” as a method of innovation in seeking philosophical truth of our world
Impossible questions to answer in life 1/3
Impossible questions to answer in life 3/3
exploring possibilities of teaching practice-based postgraduate Art and Design via emails
impossible questions to answer in life 2/3